Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mini UK

Just last week I was extremely lucky to receive the best christmas present ever! A brand new, black Mini One from the lovely people at John Clark, Dundee. This current car is temporary until February when I receive a black Mini Cooper D Countryman!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED IN MY LIFE! The countryman is just like a mini however it is a lot bigger, and almost like a little jeep, which is perfect for all the travelling that I do – to and from races, up and down the country! BMW currently run an initiative for all olympic 'hopefuls', and give local athletes the chance to have a Mini for one year as BMW are a major partner for London 2012.

As soon as I sat down, I was instantly IN LOVE with the car! I'm going to be crying when my year is up and I have to return to my old car. It has made me realise how run-down and unsafe my old car was! I am definitely going to try and save up, to eventually buy a Mini. It is so easy to drive, very smooth, like driving a go-kart! I don’t think I have ever loved a 'thing' so much in my entire life.

Also got the chance to go down to the garage this weekend to preview the new 3 series BMW. It is B.E.A.UTIFUL! Think I may have to win the lottery in order to be driving around in one though! One day....

So again, a huge thank-you to BMW MINI UK for supporting me through 2012.

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