Friday, 30 December 2011

Orthotics - Runners Service Lab in Belgium

Just got back from Belgium last night and I would like to thank Koen- from Runners Service Lab- for all his help! I must of asked him about 300 different questions but he patiently answered them all! The service they provide is brilliant. I have had to get my orthotics altered, mainly due to my injury, but they have now managed to get my running gait symmetrical and neutral. I have been told to wear either Asics Cumulus or Asics Nimbus shoes as they will provide me with the best support for my 'dodgy' feet! :)

I will have to return before the start of track season, to check my orthotics again, but to also get a small insert put into my steeplechase spikes. This is to decrease the amount of force going through my foot when I land, coming off the water barrier- makes a lot of sense!

There are several tests they perform, which consist of running along pressure sensors on the ground. They had me walking, jogging and running fast barefoot firstly. Then they repeat the tests with your current trainers/spikes/flats. A back scan is then done in order to test for any problems in leg length or torsion within the hips. Once the orthotics have been made up the exact same tests are then re-run, but with the orthotics in place.

I asked the main guy there, Koen, about 300 questions. But he was so informative and knowledgeable, the whole thing just interested me a lot. Paula Radcliffe is a regular client of theirs. She, however, gets a mould of her feet and then the lab send it over to Nike and they create her spikes and trainers especially for her! Very cool.. I was lucky enough to get a photo.. :)

The chinese company Li-ning also get the lab to create special spikes and trainers for some of their top athletes like Yelena Isenbeyeva and Asafa Powell.

I will post some pictures of the back scan and foot scan analysis... (when I have time!). I don't really know if it will be of interest to anyone.. but I think it's pretty interesting!! :) 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all my Family and Friends :D

 Santa (aka my dad) with the kids
Orla and Martin

Training Schedule for rehab..

After doing a small article on my training for athletics weekly, I thought I would write down an average winter training schedule.... compared to my current 'rehab' schedule! Give a little insight into how cross training is extremely BORING and taking over my life!! :)

Average Winter training

am- 5mile 7.15pace
pm- 5mile 6.55pace


am- 5mile 7.15pace
pm- Track session – typically a long session, 20x400m with a minute recovery


am- 5mile 7.15pace

Also do some body-weight circuits, general things like sit ups/core/push ups


am- 5mile 7.15pace
pm- 3mile sustained on treadmill 5.20pace


am- 5mile 7.15pace


am- typically a session done on the roads... 1.5mile run followed by 8x sprint hills then a further 1.5mile run
pm- 5mile 7.15pace


am- 8-9miles done at 7.15pace

Average Summer Training

am- 3mile 7min pace
pm- 5mile 6.55pace


am- 3mile 7min pace
pm- track session, typically 3x600m 5min recovery


am- 3mile 7min pace
pm- 3mile sustained on treadmill 5.30pace


am-3mile 7min pace
pm- track session, typically 8x150m, walk back recovery




am- track session typically, 1000m-800m-600m-400m-200m with a 3min recovery
pm- 3mile 7 min pace


am- 6mile 7min pace

Rehab Training – Cross Training

Every single day consists of foot/ankle flexibility exercises. Followed by 40mins of step ups/step downs/squats/lunges/calf raises/drills/etc etc.... all just body-weight. Core and sit-ups also done daily. Alternate between doing similar exercises in the pool and on the trampette every second day.

am- 15mins- 20x45seconds fast with 15recovery-15mins on the Arc Cross Trainer
pm- 40min steady on the Arc


am- Pool session in the shallow water, 10min(1min recov)-5x2mins(30secs recov)-5x1min(30sec recov)-10min(1min recov)- 5x30secs(15 recov)
pm- 30min on Elliptical cross trainer with some 30second sprints within it.


am- Arc session 15mins-20x45seconds(15recovery)-15mins
pm- 40min stead arc


am- Session on the Trampette, 30x1minute(30seconds recovery)
pm- 40min steady on arc


am- 35min sustained – (3min-2min-1min)x3 constant, with no recovery..
pm- 40 min easy in deep part of the pool


am- 10x 3mins(15sec recovery) arc session
pm- 30mins of 30seconds-15seconds recovery on elliptical


am- pool session 20x 90seconds(30second recovery)
pm- 40min steady arc

Starting back running!! woooo!!

The physio had me start back very gradually, 5x 30seconds jogging up and down a corridor. But the next day it had progressed to minute runs as my foot had no effects from the day before.

am- arc session
pm- 10x 1min jog on treadmill 9min miles pace

am- easy 30min arc
pm- pool session with 10x 1min runs on treadmill afterwards 9min miles pace

…........ few days off running but continue cross training

am- arc session
pm- easy elliptical followed by 3min-2min-1min jog on treadmill

…......running keeps getting gradually increased and this week........


3mile run outside 8.20pace
Cross train


5mile treadmill 8min pace
Cross train


3mile run outside 8.20 pace
Cross train session


3mile run outside 7.40 pace
20x90seconds on elliptical

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Some Thank You's :)

Just received a big bunch of mail, mainly christmas presents that I had (lazily) ordered online! But I also received a parcel from the lovely people at Shock Absorber! They sent me 2 sports bras, in GB colours an all, to try out! It was like an early christmas present :) haha so just a quick thank you to Lisa Yeoman from Shock Absorber for sending them out to me!

On another note, just booked my flights to Brussels in order to get new orthotics made up. I have gradually built up my 'running rehab' programme and things are going really well, extremely well to be honest! And I am much further ahead than we had originally planned.The foot is holding up strong and I have absolutely no symptoms from starting back running. Also wanted to say a quick thank-you to Dundee University for helping me towards covering some of the expenses, heading over to Brussels in order to get some orthotics made. Without their support I wouldn’t of been able to go. So again, a thank you to Helen Weavers who helps organise this, through The University of Dundee's Excel Scholarship Program. They also help support a few other athletes in my training group with educational workshops and expenses to certain races, Sarah Kelly, Jenny Tan and Morag Maclarty! :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

McColgan To Complete Rehab In England - Scottish athletics Website

McColgan to complete rehab in England
20th December 2011

Eilish McColgan will head south of the border early in the new year to continue her rehabilitation from injury as she targets a place at London 2012.

The young Scottish steeplechaser and endurance runner made a big impression last season before breaking her foot in the London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace in early August.

McColgan was bound for the World Championships in Daegu before her unlucky break – on a day when she still managed to set a PB and Scottish record of 9.44.8 for the 3000 metre steeplechase despite the accident happening 500 metres from the finishing line.

UK Athletics have now decided against taking Eilish to Kenya in January for a training camp with other Great Britain athletes.

But, as Olympic year opens, she will instead attend a rehab clinic in London for specialised training. That will be followed with a fortnight at Loughbrough before another visit to London.

All the programmes are geared to full fitness at the start of the season and there are encouraging signs with the 21-year-old back running again.

‘Eilish won’t travel to Kenya with the UK Athletics squad but will be in London instead for specialised training as she works on her rehab,’ said her coach, Liz McColgan.

‘She has been back running over the past couple of weeks and has made a lot of progress. Everything she is now doing is with next summer in mind.’

McColgan, named last week in the scottishathletics Commonwealth Games squad and on the UKA development programme, has been attending the LifeFit Physio centre in Grangemouth where she has been working with David Bowmaker.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Commonwealth squad list announced

Lee McConnell is among 41 athletes named by scottishathletics in their Commonwealth Games squad list for 2012.
The 41 athletes, comprised of 23 men and 18 women - with 14 of them teenagers - will receive expert support and services from scottishathletics and sportscotland institute of sport over the next 12 months, with the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the 2018 Gold Coast event in mind.
Nigel Holl, chief executive of scottishathletics, said: "We know there is great talent there and some of the squad will have aspirations for London 2012 before even starting the countdown towards Glasgow. But, with so many teenagers involved, we are also looking into the future, towards 2016, 2017 and 2018."
He added: "We are optimistic and ambitious that future UK teams will have a strong and increasing Scottish representation."
At 33, 400 metres runner McConnell is the oldest of the group, which includes four athletes who competed in the Commonwealth Youth Games on the Isle of Man in September.
Also included were 1,500m runner Steph Twell, 400m hurdler Eilidh Child and Eilish McColgan, the steeplechaser who is the daughter of former 10,000m world champion Liz McColgan.
Selection was based on performance standards and places in the Commonwealth Games finals is the minimum goal for all the athletes.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011


I started out this blog as a weekly thing, however I have been so busy with rehab, work and a few other things that I recently keep forgetting to update it! Anyways... I will try and give a bit of a recap of what has been going on over the last 3 weeks.

Christmas Lights in Glasgow

Geroge Sq Xmas Lights
As part of UK Athletics I was asked to go through to Glasgow for the Christmas Lights being switched on. I didn't realise that myself and Eilidh Child would be dragged on stage in front of hundreds of little kids waiting for some panto show to start! We were questioned about 2014 and the fact that Glasgow Kelvin Hall is going to be hosting the last ever International match for Team GB! Apart from the fact it was minus 100 (slight exaggeration), it was a really nice evening. The train journey on the way home was not so nice. For some unknown reason, we were stopped at Perth and the train then proceeded to wait a full hour at Perth Station before eventually making its way to Dundee. Absolute nightmare.. Scot Rail seemed to be having a few issues that day, went on twitter and there were hundreds of very angry passengers. Some very amusing tweets and it helped pass the time!

My 21st!!!

A select photo from my 21st :)

 It was my 21st on the 25th November! Decided to have a quiet one (with me having a broken foot an all!) but it was a really good night. I went out for a meal with most of my training group then headed out for a few drinks with some more folk. It had been months since I had seen most of them and so it was nice to get everyone together again like we used to!

With Dynamo!
I received a laptop from my parents (and some other family members).. a macbook air to be precise. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I think I may be in love with it. My boyfriend also completely spoiled me! Made me pancakes in bed and then gave me a ridiculous amount of presents to open! :) Completely spoiled!

Awards in London
We then made our way to Edinburgh Airport to catch a flight down to the UK Aviva Awards in Westminster, London. It was a really good night apart from my boyfriend freaking out when he lost our flat keys for the night! Very funny looking back, but not very funny at the time! We were extremely lucky to get the chance to meet the world renowned magician Dynamo! Not going to lie, it was pretty amazing. He made me choose a card, sign it, then put it back into the pack. He continued to burn a 10p through the cards and it just happened to stop on my card! Pretty cool.. He did loads of other tricks very close up with loads of us and I have NO idea how he does it. We also had a little visit to the photo booth which was also a lot of fun with all the 70's and 80's props to choose from! We were sat at, what turned out to be, a 'scottish' table!

I had a really nice birthday in London, getting showed around by Howells family friends who live in Temple. I just wish we could of stayed longer!! One day I will live in London.. Decided!

My little brother

Good news that my little brother is out of hospital and back to being his normal annoying self again! :) The police also managed to get his bike back after someone had stolen it when he was taken into hospital!!
Myself and mum at Sports Awards


As part of my birthday, my mum bought me a ticket to go and see Rihanna in concert- which was unbelievable! If there is one person in the world I could be for the week, Rihanna would definitely be high up that list! The show was a bit x-rated though for some of the children that were sitting next to us. She was grinding away with all these little girls beside us copying her dance moves, slightly weird! Calvin Harris was DJ-ing beforehand as a warm up which was also pretty good!

Scottish Sports Awards – Thistle Hotel, Glasgow

I also had the chance to go along to the awards as my mum was nominated (and won!) the Coach of the Year Award! She volunteers and gives up so much of her time to help our training group and yet gets no rewards apart from our performances, so it was nice to see her receive a bit of recognition after a tough year. Brendan Foster, Walter Smith and Kenny Dalgleish were along the big names whom attended the awards and we had a really good night.
Myself and Howell at Sports Awards


Twice a week for the last month I have been travelling through to LifeFit Physio in Grangemouth to see David Bowmaker. I could not thank him enough for his help with my rehab and thankfully I am back running again! Wooohoooo!! Everything has been built up gradually, from pool running to cross training to running on a trampette to finally jogging! I have managed to build it up to a 3mile run and have been extremely lucky with my foot, it is totally fine with no symptoms whatsoever.

The next week

I am off to London on Wednesday to see Dr down at St Johns Hospital for a quick assessment on wether the foot is strong enough for me to head out to Kenya on the UKA Altitude Training Camp. I believe my foot is gaining more and more strength every day and is quickly progressing, so fingers crossed it all goes well! Hopefully get some last minute (slash start) my Xmas shopping!! I also need to arrange to go over to Belgium to get my orthotics altered incase my running gait has changed due to my 'new' foot! It would be ideal for me to get these sorted now, before Xmas, however they are 400Euros plus flights and so I need to start saving! My main reason for wanting to go over to Belgium to get them done is because I have been previously and absolutely swear by them. They completely eradicated all previous issues that I had (as I have really dodgy, boney feet..mmm!) and their whole set up was extremely professional and helpful. for more information..

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Over the past few weeks I have kept very quiet about everything that has been going on, and my main reason for this is that I want to keep myself distanced to what has been happening with my parents and all the media surrounding them, as it has nothing to do with me. I did not attend the court case for the simple reason that I am on neither side. I have also not given any quotes to any newspapers. At the end of the day, it is my mum and dad who we are speaking about and I love the both of them equally. The media have a very clever way of creating a story out of not very much, for example, a small innocent comment on twitter can turn into a full article. I am sure several families have gone through their parents getting divorced; this story is no different.

The past few months have been difficult for everyone but I hope that this is all over now and we can all move on.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Nearly there..

It has been a few weeks since my last blog and it’s due to the fact I haven't had the time to sit down to even think about writing one! I apologise for the size of this one! I am currently writing this at Edinburgh Airport, extremely bored, however I did just bump into the band Rizzle Kicks in WH Smith! Which was pretty cool, although I was too embarrassed to ask to get a photo.. I will include a photo incase folk don't know who they are! Anyways I will recap on what's been going on..

Question of sport
Two weeks ago my mum took part as a panelist on ‘A Question of Sport Live’ show through at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. I wasn't too sure how the TV format would convert into a live show but it was a really enjoyable night! The audience got more and more rowdy as the night went on, shouting out answers etc and shouting out abuse but it was all just a good laugh! Afterwards we had the chance to go backstage to find my mum and take a quick picture with Phil Tufnell, Matt Dawson and a few others..
Also took my mum and Howell to Nandos for the first time EVER! Absolute weirdos.. But they loved it! 10 points to Eilish! 

SAF awards
The next weekend, Howell and me attended the Scottish Athletics awards dinner through at the Mariott Hotel in Glasgow. It was a really good meal/night however we left pretty early, as I was feeling pretty ill, suffering from a cold! I can't seem to get rid of it! Its been more than a week later and it's still slowly killing me! Beechams sales must have risen in the last week purely by me buying them!

Roger Black was the after dinner speaker- extremely motivational and inspirational- we were lucky to get a photo with him at the end to which he recognised I was 'Liz’s daughter' straight away. I’m still adamant we look nothing alike?! Unfortunately I didn't win anything, although a big well done to Lynsey Sharp who scooped up all the awards! 

Halloween/Howells Bday
My boyfriends Bday is the day before Halloween and so we decided to have a little fancy dress get together to celebrate! I hadn't seen many of my friends in quite a while since being in hospital and so it was really nice to have everyone together again like we used to! Decided that because I was still wearing my massive moon boot, my only costume choice was an astronaut. However I did not have the funds to replicate such a costume and so I went with a get-together I already had from previous years, a geek! The moon boot went pretty well! Again I was feeling quite tired and run down and so cut my night short and went home.. Getting my bloods taken on Monday to check what's going on! 

We decided to take my little 6-year-old sister trick or treating around Carnoustie as she had never been. I said to Howell before we left that many folk will not answer their doors and most will just switch all their lights off in order to deter the children from knocking on their doors- he didn't believe me, so off we went! The first 10 houses completely blanked us however we eventually found some very kind, children friendly houses who loaded my sisters pumpkin bag full of sweeties and £2.50 in change! She was loving life! 

 Athletics wise
I have been retained on Uka’s development funding which I am extremely grateful for, as it gives me all the medical support I need in order to get myself fit and healthy again! I have been going through to Life Fit Physiotherapy in Grangemouth twice a week for the past fortnight. The progress, in just a few days, has been major and I could not thank them enough for David (the physio) work! I am now back walking in trainers and normal shoes with no pain and the flexibility is increasing every day. I start back jogging next week- literally never been so excited about something! The current rehab program that I am partaking in, is just under 2 hours long, and contains tiny, mind numbing exercises but they have been making such a difference that I have been doing so, religiously! It makes it slightly easier travelling all the way to Grangemouth, due to the fact we always stop off on the way home for a quick lunch at Costa. I have found, maybe the best tasting thing ever invented... Sticky Toffee Pudding Muffin! Amazing...
I got my last MRI scan this week just to confirm how far the bone has healed and also got some blood tests to keep an eye on my iron levels to avoid any drop that may occur due to starting training again.

Loughborough meetings
This weekend I was down in Loughborough attending the Team GB Olympic athletes meetings. It was nice catching up with some of the girls again. The meetings were an insight into what things are going to be like at the Olympics, which was pretty good, although it did reinforce that the majority of people won't have the chance to experience this. It made me realise how much EVERYONE wants to be there and how difficult it will be to gain selection!

Some of the main points were very basic, however the highlight of the weekend, for me, was an after dinner talk and a ‘question and answer’ session from the one and only Michael Johnson! He speaks and everyone listens, he has an aura around him that draws people in. It was truly amazing and I am very grateful to have had the chance to be there. Nearly all the athletes had questions they wanted answers to and Mr Johnson answered every one of them with a detailed insight into his life. I couldn't even raise my hand to ask a question in case he thought I was stupid or if I messed up my question! Haha.. Afterwards some of us were extremely lucky to grab a quick picture with him! My list of 'photos of celebs' is slowly getting more and more each month! This year I've had the opportunity to meet, Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, Carolina Kluft, supermodel David Gandy and now Michael Johnson! I'm doing well..

I also got a quick chat with UKAs main Physio Neil Black. He was also really happy with the progress of my foot and so I hope to be back jogging the start of next week!

 Another important ‘point’ that one of the meetings was based around was Twitter. A BBC journalist came along to give us a quick chat regarding how some sports people have improved their profile in the sport and how some people have destroyed their own image by one, slightly silly comment. He went on to say how a small insignificant comment could be totally misconstrued by journalists to fill the pages of a paper. Obviously it's a massive worry to the more prolific athletes, but he stated that as it approaches the Olympics, more and more journalists are trawling through twitter all day trying to get a lead for the breaking story their looking for, and how it can be something so small! Social media is slowly taking over our lives! It's maybe a good idea for top athletes to perhaps disconnect themselves from social media the weeks before the Olympics, however I don't think my boring tweets will ever cause a stir. I am absolutely for twitter. I love it, and I'm so interested in reading about how celebrities/athletes live their lives and their personal opinions. 

It has been an amazing but slightly busy last 2 weeks! 

Coming up next.. My 21st! And the Aviva athletics awards down in London on the 26th November.

Till then! X

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Busy busy times...

The last couple of days have been pretty tough and I’ve been feeling a bit down about things. Got myself into a little bit of a rut. Went down to London for the day on Thursday for a meeting with the UKA Doctor. I will post more details regarding this when things are more clear and for definite. I got a direct flight from Dundee early Thursday morning but it was perfect as it took me straight to London City. I had never been to London before apart from going direct to races on the outskirts of the city. I was slightly worried I would get totally lost trying to head into the centre but it was so easy to work out. I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of New York although it was absolutely freezing.

 I got in pretty early and so had 3 hours to kill before my meeting. Decided my best option was to go shopping for a bit. If I had 10p for every person that stared at my massive astronaut boot I would easily be a millionaire. Several people actually stopped me to ask what I had done, they were all very friendly and harmless, but when I told them I broke it running I always got funny looks.  Went into Abercrombie and Fitch (as I absolutely loved the store in NY), but the one in London was not the same. The people are extremely annoying. As soon as you walk in the door they’re harassing you and dancing in your face pretending their loving life. It doesn’t make me want to buy clothes; it makes me want to leave. Anyways I got out of their pretty quickly and made my way to Topshop. It was maaaaaassive and the boss, as in Sir Phillip Green, walked past me with several huge bouncers, which was pretty cool. The only purchase I made was some underwear and a packet of Twizzlers. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms from them. Twizzlers are an American candy, strawberry flavoured, and generally the best thing you will ever taste. My first ever memory of being alive is one of which I am in a buggy, in America, eating Twizzlers. Strange but true. The other day I looked them up online and was considering shipping over several boxes however it was pretty expensive and I definitely do not have enough money at the moment… I will start saving.

I am (hopefully) going to be attending the UKA Aviva Awards on the 26th November, which is my birthday weekend, and so I had already planned to head to London for the weekend with my Boyfriend to visit some of his family and to go shopping! Cannot wait.

Anyways back to what the Doctor said. I still have another 5 weeks in this horrifically huge boot, but I can continue with my cross training and slowly start to increase on that aspect of my rehab program. I also need to start doing little exercises for the small muscles in my foot as they have literally turned to jelly!

Currently on the lookout for a small job as my current job doesn’t have many hours available in order to support myself and I am still not on any funding. Thankfully all my physio and rehab costs are being covered by UKA. However I still need to find some money in order to eat! Haha I laugh just now, but I wont be laughing when I’m at home starving!  Jokinnnnnnng…. Sort of. The foot is getting a lot better though. It is no longer sore to stand or walk on and I don’t feel it at all cross training. The muscles are slowly getting more strength in them and the mobility has masses of improvement in the last few days.

On Sunday I attended a Question Of Sport Live show through at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. My mum was a panelist on a team with Phil Tufnell and rugby player Andy Nicol. It was a pretty funny night with several members of the drunken audience shouting out abuse and wrong answers. Also introduced my mum and my boyfriend to Nandos. They had never had one before! I know... The two of them are weirdo’s...but they absolutely loved it! Eilish wins!

This week I have been busy with workshops as part of the 'Champions in School' program I am taking part on. This is in conjunction with the Winning Scotland Foundation. The first workshop was in Glasgow with the Broadcasting Business the second was in Edinburgh with Jamming Fitness. I will upload a more in depth blog on both of these workshops as their concepts and ideas are pretty interesting!

This weekend is just as busy! Everything seems to all be happening at once. I am attending the Scottish Athletics Awards ceremony on Saturday night through at the Mariott Hotel in Glasgow. Looking forward to it however not looking forward to wearing a nice dress and this astronaut boot! Not a good look. On Sunday it is my Boyfriend Howells Bday and so we are going to visit his parents for the day then meet with friends that night. It will be the first time I have seen my friends socially since Feb! Looking forward to it, may even dress up with it being so close to Halloween, hopefully people will think the moon boot is part of my outfit! Haha 

Till next time!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Meeting in London..

Things have been a lot better this week. I am back walking about (almost normally) wearing this massive boot. I have even been able to start walking in normal trainers. However this has only been for the marathon distance of about…5 metres. Went into university for an exam the other day and got A LOT of strange stares due to my massive moon boot. It looks like an astronauts boot. To be fair, it’s not a great look. Putting weight through it, initially is quite sore due to the foot being so stiff and quite rigid. There is absolutely no flexibility in the forefoot or toes and so normal walking is a bit of a chore at the moment. I have a meeting with a UKA Doctor down in London on Thursday. Hoping to fly down on the morning and fly home at night, bit of a trip, but I am sure it will be worth it. Cannot wait to get my rehab program started.  I have started slowly replacing my pool sessions with cross training sessions. Things are going well so far, however my legs are already aching with just the slight increase in impact.

My last exam is tomorrow and I cannot wait for it to be over. As soon as it is done I will be free from Uni over the next few months to concentrate on getting myself back fit and healthy! I’m hoping to head over to Kenya for a few weeks at the start of January. I found out today that I have been included on UKA’s World Class Performance Plan, (link below). So happy to have been included on this program and I know that with their help and expertise I will be back running again in no time.

Currently as I type this blog, my boyfriend Howell, my flat mate Craig and his friend James are all upstairs playing ‘Nazi Zombies’. Listening to them get so excited over a game is hilarious although, I am a bit of a loser sitting downstairs on my own watching TV. I miss having girls as flat mates! 

My little brother turned 12 yesterday, so a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!! Although his hair cut is slowly becoming more and more Justin Beiber-esque. I have tried to persuade him several times to cut it but it’s obviously ‘cool’ for his age. Supposedly driving about on a tiny bike is also ‘cool’, he has told me this is called a BMX and is no ordinary bike as “it can do tricks and stuff…” I feel like an old woman, its horrible. Anyways if you are reading this Martin you need a hair cut and a proper bike. Haha. My little sister on the other hand is walking around the house like a little Paris Hilton, also very funny. I sort of miss living at home, however I do live so close to them that I can still see them every day, but can leave as quickly as I entered!

In other news.. my mum has a brand new website. Have a quick look on:
Will post another little update after my meeting down in London.

World Class Performance Program


UKA 2009 Logo v2
17 October 2011
UKA, the national governing body for athletics in the UK, has today announced those athletes to be supported by the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) for 2011/12, the season of the 2012 London Olympiad.
The WCPP selections, across both Olympic and Paralympic programmes, categorise the athletes into two levels of funding; Podium and Development with both groups delivering against UK Sport funding requirements and strict performance targets.

In this crucial final countdown to London 2012, selection to Podium level funding is focussed entirely on achieving medal success and top eight finishes at next summer’s Games.

2011 World champions Mo Farah (coach: Alberto Salazar) and Dai Greene (Malcolm Arnold) retain their places on Podium funding, while Daegu medallists Phillips Idowu (Aston Moore), Jessica Ennis (Toni Minichiello), Hannah England (Bud Baldaro) and Andy Turner (Lloyd Cowan) are also retained at the top level.
Three-times IPC World Champion David Weir (Jenny Archer) - reigning Paralympic champion over 800m and 1500m - is among 25 Paralympic athletes named at Podium level.
Following their top eight finishes at the IAAF World Championships in South Korea in August, Tiffany Porter (James Henry) and Yamile Aldama (Frank Attoh) will now also receive full WCCP Podium level support.

Elsewhere, a number of previous Development level athletes have been elevated to Podium funding. Holly Bleasdale (Julien Raffalli-Ebezant), Jack Green (Malcolm Arnold), Emma Jackson (Alan Morris) and Nathan Woodward (Nick Dakin) are amongst some of the athletes that are demonstrating how effectively the WCPP programme is nurturing young athletes towards success at senior level. While Paralympic athlete Scott Moorhouse (Dan Pfaff), fourth in the IPC World Championships, moves up through the WCPP from Development level to Podium courtesy of his lifetime best performance of 47.33m in the F42 javelin which ranks him second in the World.

Charles van Commenee, UKA Head Coach (Olympic), said: “We operate in a results driven business in which clear decisions have to be made if athletes are not performing to the high standards we set.

“We have reviewed performances from 2011 including those from previous years and identified what needs to be done in order to meet our targets for 2012.
“Progress was made in 2011 but there is still work to be done before next August to make our athletes perform better. A target of eight medals including one gold still remains.”
While the eyes of the World will be on London next summer, the Development level athletes have been selected onto the WCPP as part of the long term focus on medal success during the next Olympiad.
European Under 23 discus gold medallist Lawrence Okoye (John Hillier) has been included in the Development squad for the first time along with many improving performers including James Shane (Martin Brown).

Charles van Commenee, further added: “The athletes selected onto the programme will deservedly be given support from UKA and the National Lottery and these people will perform to the highest possible standard for the Aviva Great Britain and Northern Ireland team on the international stage.
“The funding made available to UKA from the National Lottery enables our athletes to work with the best coaches and other support staff to ensure they got the best possible preparation for when they pull on a Great Britain vest.”
Peter Eriksson, UKA Head Coach (Paralympic), added: “It’s been a long year because of the IPC World Championships in January, but in the main, our athletes have continued to deliver high quality performances throughout the summer which have made this selection process easier for us.
“Moving into a Paralympic year it’s important that we’ve increased the base level at which our athletes are competing and I’m confident that we’ve done that, partly through more competition opportunities, but also due to the commitment from the athletes and the no-excuses environment in which we’re operating.
“Added to that, while the support we have from UKA and the National Lottery gives every athlete the opportunity to demonstrate their ability, the medal targets set by UK Sport ensure that once on funding, they must maintain that exceptionally high standard.”

The selection panel, consisting of Head Coaches, National Event Coaches and an independent statistician. Athletes entered at either level have met strict criteria and performance standards which have been present throughout the year and will have further targets to meet over the next 12 months with the support of UKA staff.
WCPP 2011/12 Podium
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Daily Record Article

Track legend Liz McColgan's daughter aims to follow in mother's footsteps with OIympic glory

eilish mccolgan Image 1
LIZ McCOLGAN'S dream of Olympic glory for her daughter is back on track.
The Scottish track legend was devastated in August when 20-year-old Eilish suffered a broken foot, leaving her hopes of a place in the Olympics next year hanging by a thread.
But on Tuesday night Eilish, who excels in the 3000m steeplechase, was given the all-clear by her surgeon to start walking on the foot again.
She will now undergo intensive rehabilitation and should be back in full training after Christmas, ahead of the Games, which get started in nine months.
Liz said: "I'm pleased. It's been a hard couple of months for her and now she can see light at the end of the tunnel.
"I think she's still got time and I'm confident she will make the trials in July next year for the Olympic squad.
"She's had a great attitude and, although she's been on crutches and wearing a protective boot, she's been keeping her training up in the pool and with cycling."
It's been a nerve-shredding few months for mother and daughter after Eilish suffered a broken foot at the Diamond League event in London.
The youngster set a new Scottish steeplechase record in the race but ran the last 550 metres after a fall, which resulted in surgery and having a plate put in her foot.
It's not the first time injury has scuppered Eilish's dreams.
She was selected to compete in the Commonwealth Youth Games in India in 2008 but suffered a major knee injury that took her a year-and-a-half to recover from.
If Eilish can battle back and get to London 2012, she would become the first Scottish daughter of an Olympic athlete to perform at the Games.
It wouldn't be the first time in Olympic history that a mother and daughter have both competed.
Russian Irina Nazarova won a relay gold medal in 1980, following in the footsteps of her mother, Elizabeth Bagrinaseva, who took gold in the discus in 1952.
While Liz scooped silver, she is hoping her daughter will go one better and bag a gold - but maybe not next year.
She said: "I don't think she's there yet for a medal but she could set a new British record.
"She's got it in her and was only a second off it running with a broken foot.
"My hope is she'd be in a good position to win gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and then be ready for chasing a medal at the Olympics in 2016."
liz mccolgan Image 1
It would be an amazing case of deja vu for Liz.
She won her first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1986 as a 22-year-old in the 10,000m.
She became a national treasure - not just because it was the only track and field win for Scotland, but due to the fact that she celebrated draped in a saltire.
She went on to bag silver in the 10,000m at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, and won a second Commonwealth gold in 1990 for the 10,000m, as well as bronze after competing in the 3000m.
She then became World Champion in 1991 and would go on to take three gold medals in the marathons of New York, Tokyo and London. Having retired in 2001, Liz now coaches some of Scotland's most promising youngsters.
The oldest of Liz's five children, Eilish has now been nominated for the Under-23 athlete of the year at the Scottish Athletics Sports Awards on October 29. Liz is up for coach of the year.
Once Eilish is back running, Liz hopes she'll go to Kenya in January for an altitude camp.
They will also decide whether the youngster will compete in the 3000m steeplechase or the 5k trials for next year's Olympics.
But for now they are focusing on Eilish walking again. And Liz will be right by her side.
Eilish, a sports scholar at Dundee University, showed early promise when she won the 2004 British cross-country championships in her age group, and was ranked top in Scotland over 800m and 1500m.
While Liz's other children are still too young to compete, like most parents, Liz knows how hard it is to get kids off the computer and out of the house.
She said: "I've got four and they play the games. You've got to find the balance.
"I have no problem with it as long as they are outside as well.
"I wouldn't want them on 24/7 but I think for all kids, especially during the summer months, it's good to get outside and get social skills by playing with your mates.
"It used to be that you would walk your kids to and from school, or take them on the bike, but now they are taken by car.
"There's a lot of inactivity because our lifestyles have changed. I know it's difficult if you've been working all day.
"It's easy to pop the telly on, let them play the games, so you can chill out.
"You have to make an effort and get on a bike or take them to the park at the weekend."
paula radcliffe, eilish mccolgan, liz mccolgan Image 1
Like many involved in sport, Liz is overjoyed that Britain has the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games 2014, showcasing talent and creating stadiums and pools in London and Glasgow.
Liz, from Panbride, near Carnoustie in Angus, trains her youngsters in Dundee and says more cash needs to be pumped into Scotland's facilities.
She said: "It's ridiculous what we train on.
"But the Ethiopians and the Kenyans have nothing and they are able to cope with it, so we've got better than some people.
"It's certainly better than when I was younger. It's not perfect or ideal, and our track is not in good repair, but you make the best of what you've got.
"You don't moan, you just get on with it."
Liz now runs a property and leisure business but will take time out for the Olympics.
She said: "I'm hoping to be at the Olympics in a coaching capacity. But the BBC haven't approached me to be a pundit.
"An event like that lifts the atmosphere in the country, even in Scotland, and doom and gloom goes by the wayside."
Next week, the former Sports Personality of the Year is a panellists for the Question of Sport tour.
The show is at Glasgow Clyde Auditorium on October 22, with host Sue Barker and team captains Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson joined by Dennis Taylor among others.
Liz joins the panel for the Edinburgh Usher Hall leg on October 23 with Dennis and Dominic Cork.
She said: "It's much better fun than the television shows. There's lots of banter with the audience."