About Me

Name: Eilish McColgan

Born: 25/11/1990 - Dundee, Scotland

Height: 5'11

Weight: 52kg

Parents: Liz Lynch-Nuttall (previously McColgan), Peter McColgan

Siblings: Orla, Eamonn, Kieran, Martin 

Studied: Maths and Accountancy, Dundee University (graduated 2013)

Club: Dundee Hawkhill Harriers

Personal Bests

Scotland Cup, Grangemouth

Loughborough International

Rieti, ITALY

3000m Indoors
Stockholm XL Galan

Crystal Palace Diamond League

3000m SC
IAAF World Champs, Moscow


  • British Under 23 age group 3000m Steeplechase 2012
  • Scottish Senior 3000m Steeplechase 2012
  • British Universities 3000m Steeeplechase 2011
  • U20 Scottish 1500m Steeplechase 2008

Major Championships and International Record

  • 2013 - IAAF World Championships 3000mSC 9th
  • 2012 - Olympic Games 3000mSC 9th ht
  • 2011 - European U23 Championships 3000mSC 6th. Spar European Team Championships 3000mSC 9th
  • 2008 - Commonwealth Youth Games 1500m 9th, 3000m 8th
Domestic Record
  • 2013 - Sainsbury's British Championships 3000mSC gold
  • 2012 - Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships 3000mSC gold. BUCS 1500m silver. Scottish Universities Championships 1550m gold, 3000m gold. Scottish Universities Indoor Championships 1500m gold, 3000m gold
  • 2011 - Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 1500m 4th. Scottish University Championships 1500m gold. BUCS Indoor Championships 1500m bronze. BUCS Championships 2000mSC gold. Scottish 3000mSC gold. Aviva World Trials & UK Championships 5000m silver
  • 2010 - Scottish University Indoor Championships 800m silver. Scottish University Championships 1500m bronze, 2000mSC silver. Scottish U23 Championships 1500m 6th. Scotish Senior & Commonwealth Games Trials 1500m 10th. BUCS Championships 2000mSC 5th
  • 2008 - Bank of Scotland U20 Championships 1500m silver. Bank olf Scotland Indoor Championships 1500m bronze. England Athletics Open Championships 1500m 7th. Scotiish Indoor Championships 1500m bronze. Scotiish Senior Championships 3000mSC silver
  • 2007 - Scottish U17 Championships 800m 4th. Scottish Senior Championships 1500m 5th. Bank of Scotland Championships 1500m bronze. Bank of Scotland U23 Championships 1500mSC silver. Scottish Schools Championships 3000m 4th
  • 2006 - Bank of Scotland Championships 800m 4th, 1500m silver. Scottish Schools 800m 4th, 1500m silver. Schools U17 International 1500m bronze. Bank of Scotland U23 Championships 1500m silver. Bank of Scotland U17 Championships 1500m silver. UK School Games 1500m 7th

How and why did you get involved in your sport? I got involved when I was in Primary 6 at school. The PE teacher entered me into a cross country purely because of who my mother was. I think I came 3rd and I absolutely loved it and so decided to take a friend along to the local athletics club, Dundee Hawkhill Harriers.
Any family connections to sport? My mother was silver Olympic medallist in the 10,000m (Liz McColgan), my father was an internationalist for Ireland over 3000m Steeplechase.
Your first ever sporting success? U13 UK Cross Country Championships.
First international / GB call-up: My first international was for Scotland at the Commonwealth Youth Games in India, 2008. Next was the Senior Team GB European Team Champs in Sweden and then the European U23 Champs for GB in Ostrava.
Your finest sporting moment? Just missing out on selection for the World Athletics championships due to injury. It would have marked exactly 20 years since my mother won her gold. I also achieved another Olympic Qualifying time even though I broke my foot with 550m to go. Going on to come 10th in the 2013 World Championships would definitely be my highlight so far.
How do you feel when you know you are representing your team / country? It is a great honour to represent not only GB but also Scotland at an international level. It is a great feeling after working so hard all year round and making several sacrifices in order to be the best.
Who has been the biggest influence on your sporting career? Definitely my parents, my mother has been my coach since I first started athletics.
What is your favourite moment in the history of sport? Usain Bolts 3 world records at the last Olympics. It is something truly special, and I don't believe we will ever watch anything again like it in our life time.
Who has been your toughest opponent and why? I don't ever have one opponent. Usually I go for times and what I believe I am capable of running. You should never compete with just one person, as you shouldn't limit yourself. Go into a race knowing what you are capable of doing.
What is your advice for getting to the top: I had a full year out of racing and yet managed to get myself back fitter than ever for the 2011 season. Even when you think of quitting things always do get better for you. The most talented people rarely achieve the success their capable of, those who work the hardest always come out on top.
What is your most prized possession? I don't really have one, probably my iPhone! Not sure how I would live without it!
What is your biggest passion away from sport? Sport takes over so much of my life that I don't really have any other hobbies. Obviously the normal stuff, going out for lunch with my friends and my boyfriend, cinema, shopping etc etc.
Top tips to relaxListen to music; it takes your mind off nerves. I always listen to my iPod before races and during my warm-up, it's important to think your race through but you don't want to over-think things.
What is your ultimate ambition? To run as fast as I can. I hope that at the end of my career I can look back and be more than happy with what I have achieved.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Hopefully still competing. Paula Radcliffe is still competing in her mid 30s, Kelly Holmes and several other high profile female athletes have competed well into their 30s. I'm only 24 and so I believe that I will still be competing in 10 years time. After athletics, who knows what I will go into? Maybe something along the lines of my university degree, teaching maths or an accountant. Fingers crossed I can be an athlete for as long as possible! After I stop competing I will definitely keep training but purely to just keep fit and healthy. Running is a way of life.