Thursday, 22 December 2011

Some Thank You's :)

Just received a big bunch of mail, mainly christmas presents that I had (lazily) ordered online! But I also received a parcel from the lovely people at Shock Absorber! They sent me 2 sports bras, in GB colours an all, to try out! It was like an early christmas present :) haha so just a quick thank you to Lisa Yeoman from Shock Absorber for sending them out to me!

On another note, just booked my flights to Brussels in order to get new orthotics made up. I have gradually built up my 'running rehab' programme and things are going really well, extremely well to be honest! And I am much further ahead than we had originally planned.The foot is holding up strong and I have absolutely no symptoms from starting back running. Also wanted to say a quick thank-you to Dundee University for helping me towards covering some of the expenses, heading over to Brussels in order to get some orthotics made. Without their support I wouldn’t of been able to go. So again, a thank you to Helen Weavers who helps organise this, through The University of Dundee's Excel Scholarship Program. They also help support a few other athletes in my training group with educational workshops and expenses to certain races, Sarah Kelly, Jenny Tan and Morag Maclarty! :)

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