Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hoping I got paid for this gig..

Found this the other day when my mum was cleaning out the house. Back in 1993, aged 3, think it's the Daily Record. It's a complete crime the clothes they have dressed me in, but very very funny. The top left hand photo cracks me up. Casually posing on a dog statue, as you do. These pictures have every main trend going:

Bumbag- check
Matching tartan hat and shorts- check
Holding flags down the catwalk- check

Don't know how my modelling career didn't take off.....

1 comment:

  1. awww, so cute!
    Just been looking at your pb's WOW that is just so amazingly fast
    When I was in school I got lapped in an 800m race, which is why it took me 28 years before I decided to try running again :) even at my 30 year school reunion I was ragged about it, but I have had the last laugh, they have all settled very well into middle age spread and I am running half marathons (although what I do can scarcely be called running, I am most definitely tortoise)
    Am really excited to see what you achieve at the Olympics and beyond